The power of a word

The concept has grown in popularity more in recent years, and I briefly touched on this in the Happenings post on my main page. It’s an exercise where you pick your “word” for the year. It can be any word that resonates with your personal goals, encourages positive change, or a word that empowers you to be the inner bada** you truly are! Then you use that word throughout the year to motivate and inspire yourself while chasing dreams, achieving goals, and becoming the best version of you!

In the past three years I’ve went from FEARLESS, to LIMITLESS, and kicked off 2018 with TENACITY. Except when 2019 rolled around, I was really struggling to find my word. I knew it needed to be positive, yet something that would drive me to grow in areas of my life where I struggle. I even tried on a couple different words for a day or two, but they just weren’t the right one. It’s usually a bit of love at first sight when I’ve found it in the past, and I wasn’t going to settle for less this year either! So don’t be discouraged if you don’t find your word immediately.

In the midst of my word struggle I was beginning to think I wouldn’t have a word for this year, or maybe I’ll just pick BEER because it was sounding pretty good at this point! Then, there it was, settling slowly into my mind, as if waiting for the perfect time. PATIENCE.

I wanted to find more patience with myself, patience with others, and patience in God’s perfect timing knowing what is meant for me will never pass me by. I think many of us are guilty of wanting immediate results and progress. Whether that’s professional goals, fitness, areas of your personal life, or even forgetting to be patient with our fellow neighbor. No not your neighbor next door that you love and hang out with every weekend. I mean your neighbor in the Target line in front of you who has been trying to find her Cartwheel app for five minutes, your neighbor driving in front of you doing twenty under the speed limit, or your neighbor who can’t decide what to order at Starbucks to save their life! You get the idea.

I suddenly realized my word didn’t have to be aggressive and powerful to have great purpose. Instead this year something quiet and simple could in fact be just as transformative!

Now onto you! It’s likely you’ve already been rolling a few words around in your head by this point. Awesome, you’ve so got this! Or maybe you’re thinking this all sounds far too ridiculous and there’s no way you’re doing some word of the year bit. Well, what do you have to lose, really?! Try something new, I dare you!

So, this is where you decide! Don’t overthink it, your word will almost find you if you truly take time and put some intentional thought into it. Keep your word with you throughout the day, week, month, and you’ll be surprised by the shift of your mindset!

Xoxo, MJ

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