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If you haven’t tried a class at Pure Barre Apple Valley yet, you are totally missing out! It is far more than just fitness, even though the lift-tone-burn promise of classes is the real deal! Each class is carefully designed to fit a broad range of people, offering a high-intensity, low impact, endurance and strength workout.

My addiction started two years ago when I attended a pop-up class they hosted at the Mall of America, even though going into it I had no clue what barre actually was. The lure of shopping discounts and a free fitness class was enough to get me interested! That was when the magic happened, when each move they instructed us on began working so many different muscle groups even some I didn’t know existed, I was hooked!

The very next day I went to the studio and signed up for classes, both excited and nervous about it all. I was warmly welcomed by the owner, other instructors, ladies who had been taking classes for over a year and some who were new just like me. After just two weeks I started noticing how much stronger and more toned I was getting, and loved that it was a workout that I could consistently do without needing down time for recovery.

Fast forward to the present and I’ve taken almost 380 classes! It has been nothing short of amazing the change I’ve seen physically as well as a new appreciation for everything my body does for me each and every day. I absolutely love being part of the Pure Barre Apple Valley family, and I know all the other women would agree on this as well! The instructors are so helpful and kind, demonstrating each move, giving hands on corrections throughout class to assure you get the best workout possible, all while smiling and encouraging you to dig towards your goals! They are able to give modifications as needed, always willing to answer questions, and inspire a positive shift in your mindset!

There are a range of different class formats to choose from depending on your personal goals, whether weight loss, cardiovascular endurance, strengthening, toning and lengthening muscles, flexibility, etc. I also love that each class is a bit different, each building on the basic movements & exercises, but changing to prevent plateau and facilitate progression!

I highly encourage you to stop in for a class or to check out the studio! Feel free to call or email them with any questions: 952-683-9683 / applevalley@purebarre.com Or don’t hesitate to check out their website: purebarre.com/mn-applevalley

Xo, MJ

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