Getting your skin winter-ready

Here in Minnesota the below digit temps will be rolling in, and you’ll find the air getting dry all across the country! I’m a big believer in taking care of your skin. It’s so easy once you get a routine in place. You’re going to have your skin for life, you might as well take care of it!

So here are my tips for not only surviving winter, but conquering it with gorgeous, glowing skin!

USE GREAT SKINCARE PRODUCTS! Finding the right ones can be difficult because everyones skin is different. We all have our own unique needs. I swear by Rodan+Fields regimens (I personally use Redefine and Reverse multi-med therapy to combat wrinkles and brighten its appearance). I also incorporate the Active Hydration Serum, it is an oil-free face serum that raises the skin’s hydration level by 200% after just one use and maintains continuous, self-adjusting hydration for eight hours! You won’t see me go a single day without it, especially in the winter!

USE A HUMIDIFIER! If you have one already installed with your heating system, simply be sure to double check the settings and that it’s working properly. For those who don’t, you can buy one online and run it during the day in common areas, and at night in your bedroom while sleeping. If you like adding oils then the Air Innovations Clean Mist is a great option. Otherwise, the Vicks Cool Mist from Target also works great.

DRINK LOTS OF WATER!  Our skin contains 64% water. In addition to hydrating our bodies properly, it’s also important for our skin! I struggle at times with this too, I get it, we’re all busy and sometimes water intake isn’t the most important thing on our to-do list. So simply keep water with you throughout the day so that you can be sipping on it, (or throw a random chug session in) it all adds up! Once you start seeing your skin responding, and looking healthier and younger-looking, you’ll be hooked!

These three simple tips will keep your skin winter-ready, and gorgeous all year long!

Xoxo, MJ

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