About Me

Hey! I’m so excited to have you here! My name is Marla Gustafson, and Just.Marla.Jean is the blog I write, in addition to my Instagram platform. I live in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN. I am a practicing Occupational Therapist, but have always had a passion for sharing other part of what makes me Marla Jean with others!

Just.Marla.Jean was a blog name that came to me almost as if it was always meant to be, let me explain! My middle name is Jean, named after my two Grandpas who are Gene, and whom I love to pieces! I grew up a bit different than most, a very simple life on the farm in northern Minnesota and a complete tomboy. Somewhere between being a kid and becoming a woman I’ve found my feminine voice and developed my own unique style that combines both parts of who I am.

I absolutely love shopping and putting together outfits, trying different ways to style hair, providing feedback on beauty trends, finding those must-haves and huge deals. I also believe strongly in empowering others, especially our fellow woman! So helping out and sharing anything of me that might be of value to you makes my heart smile!

All of this is a big part of my creative outlet, so having a blog where I can also put down my thoughts and words while providing great content is exactly what I’ve always imagined for my own page!

This blog is a glimpse into my personal lifestyle.

Xoxo, MJ